Nutrition & Wellness

The Nutrition & Wellness Team's Work of the Day includes:


  • Menu Planning and Healthy Recipe Development

  • Food and Supply Ordering and Inventory

  • Meal Preparation and Safe Food Handling

  • Kitchen and dining room clean up

  • Lunch cashier duties

  • Exercise and Movement Activities

  • Researching Social Media Health and Wellness Tips

Come join our vibrant crew and help make a healthy and delicious lunch every weekday! All levels of experience welcome!

Hear a podcast episode about NorthStar Nutrition and Wellness.


What Members Say About Nutrition & Wellness Unit


"The Nutrition and Wellness program at NorthStar has given me a sense of well being I've never had before. Empowerment with self-discipline to control what healthy foods I purchase and consume, and keeping my body in the best shape I can, gives me a sense of control in my life in a world where a lot of things are out of my control."

"I eat healthier meals, I cook more, I've learned new things, working in a group increases communication skills."

"It is a harmonious productive time that I enjoy."

"Good people good vibes, provides a positive place to have a good schedule."

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