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nutrition and wellness

Just as the heart of a home is the kitchen, the heart of the Clubhouse is the Nutrition & Wellness Unit. Providing nutritious food and a range of physical activities, this Unit’s goal is improving the overall health and wellness of the NorthStar membership. The Unit promotes health and wellness within the Clubhouse by offering walks, healthy snacks and meditations within the Work Ordered Day. As a Clubhouse, we define wellness as mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Each member is empowered to define wellness for themselves each day by answering “What does wellness mean for me today?”

 The Nutrition & Wellness Unit's Work of the Day includes:


  • Menu Planning and Healthy Recipe Development

  • Food and Supply Ordering and Inventory

  • Meal Preparation and Safe Food Handling

  • Kitchen and dining room clean up

  • Cashier duties for snacks & lunch

  • Exercise, Movement and Meditation Practice 

  • Researching Social Media Health and Wellness Tips

  • Planting and caring for our Clubhouse Garden

Come join our vibrant crew and help make healthy and delicious food every weekday! All levels of experience welcome!


Salmon Cowder.png

The NorthStar Clubhhouse Garden

Planting the seeds of recovery


The garden provides us with a chance to grow through opportunities to learn and utilize our skills. 

The NorthStar garden blossoms with help from our community partners and their generous support.
If you would like to support our garden, please contact us!


NorthStar Clubhouse has a beautiful garden cared for by our community. Our garden provides a relaxing outdoor environment, a place to connect with nature, as well as nutritious produce utilized in our kitchen and lunches.


Nutrition & Wellness Unit

Member quotes

"The Nutrition and Wellness program at NorthStar has given me a sense of well being I've never had before. Empowerment with self-discipline to control what healthy foods I purchase and consume, and keeping my body in the best shape I can, gives me a sense of control in my life in a world where a lot of things are out of my control."

"I eat healthier meals, I cook more, I've learned new things, working in a group increases communication skills."

"It is a harmonious productive time that I enjoy."

"Good people, good vibes, provides a positive place to have a good schedule."

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