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Become a member 2024

Membership Requirements


1. Be 18 years of age or older.

2. Reside in the Portland Metro area.

3. Have a mental health diagnosis.

4. Have a referral from a mental health professional. (Click on the button below).

5. Be willing to interact with other members and staff in a respectful manner.

6. Attend a NorthStar orientation! (Call to schedule, we offer this in person and virtually.)




Referrals must be completed by a professional who can verify the person being referred has a mental health diagnosis.

We ask that all providers inform each prospective member referred to us to contact NorthStar directly to become members.

Please submit referrals through the online form. Faxed referrals will not be accepted.

Any PHI documentation uploaded is kept confidential.

Still have questions?

Click below for our FAQ:

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