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NorthStar founders
day celebration:
may 13th 2023


Please join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary (delayed 3 years by Covid) of Oregon's 1st accredited Clubhouse!

Founded By:

Susan Matthies

Margaret Brayden

Don and Pam Moore

Karen Oehler and David Kaplan

"NorthStar creates a safe space where members living with mental health challenges can step out of the shadows of social isolation and into the light of a healing community." -Member Testimonial

"NorthStar is the bridge between my treatment , medication, and the rest of my life." -Member Testimonial

Join us to THANK those who made it all happen and help us say goodbye to Susan as she relocates to Pasadena, California. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Thank you for your RSVP to by May 1st

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