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Our Philosophy

At NorthStar's core is a community in which relationships grow through shared purpose and working side-by-side. Unlike similar programs that merely simulate work, all clubhouse member contributions are critical to our operations. Our staff is small enough that maintaining our organization is impossible without member involvement.

Clubhouse activities are organized around a Work-Ordered Day. Tasks are divided into units that support NorthStar, including meal planning and preparation, record-keeping, advocacy, and new member outreach. Members choose work according to their personal goals and interests.

Work Units


The Operations Unit is involved in many activities that promote the operations and long-term growth of the NorthStar. Duties include maintaining IT systems, producing monthly county reports, coordination with West Coast and Oregon Clubhouse Coalitions, and community advocacy with local and state government.

Education and Employment

This Unit engages members in developing the skills needed to search for and obtain employment. There is support for learning to write a resume and cover letter, searching the internet for employment and attending job fairs, and . In addition, members assist in securing and maintaining Transitional Employment within the community members gain assistance with managing social security benefits while working, exposure to Oregon Vocational Rehab.


The Membership Unit has the responsibility of assisting new members in becoming involved in NorthStar. The membership team works to constantly improve our referral process, make new members feel welcomed to the community, facilitate orientation and tours, maintain membership databases and engage in other record-keeping processes. When people cannot make it to the clubhouse, we continue to foster those relationships with reach out calls, messages, and visits.

Nutrition & Wellness

This unit develops and promotes skills and strategies essential to overall health and well-being. In addition to creating nutritious and affordable meals for daily lunch service, members assist with menu planning, budgeting, and incorporating movement and mindfulness throughout the clubhouse.

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