NorthStar Communications Unit

NorthStar's Communications Unit focuses mainly on both internal communications for the clubhouse community and external communication with the rest of the world.

Internal communications cover things like running the member newsletter, communicating relevant announcements, and maintaining an active and interesting social media, and so on. External communication, on the other hand, is maintaing relationships with businesses, funders, and other people and agencies in our community through developing and maintaining the NorthStar website, brochures, newsletters, videos and other promotional literature. Additionally, the Communications Unit goes out into the community and does presentations at hospitals and other agencies to advocate for NorthStar and its unique place in mental health recovery.

The staff working for the Communications Unit are Bill Waters and Zach Canciller. Members would work with primarily these staff to develop both the outward face of NorthStar and the internal communications keeping other members in the know.

Communications Unit Work of the Day
  • Maintain accurate and relevant content for the website and social media

  • Create and develop brochures and other literature to help different audiences understand NorthStar's role in mental health

  • Create videos about NorthStar (member stories, happenings in the clubhouse)

  • Create posters and banners for events

  • Publish a member newsletter about what's going on in the clubhouse

  • Create a Donor Newsletter to support fundraising efforts