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Are you interested in becoming a member of NorthStar?

Come join a community that supports mental health recovery.

NorthStar is unique because we create an intentional community to combat the negative symptoms of isolation and alienation. Our community approach to mental health recovery means support is everywhere. It empowers members to actively address their own symptoms and assist others in their recovery.

We are a comfortable, stigma-free environment where you can engage in meaningful activity and peer support. Here, you are able to utilize your strengths and talents to work together with peers and staff to run a nonprofit. In this community, instead of group therapy and other traditional clinical services, members are doing things like operating the reception desk, making healthy lunches, maintaining records on our databases, and performing outreach and advocacy in our community. By working together and establishing positive relationships, people build skills as well as self-confidence and find a sense of purpose.

Membership is Free

Membership Requirements


1. Be 18 years of age or older.

2. Reside in the Portland Metro area.

3. Have a mental health diagnosis.

4. Have a referral from a mental health professional. (You can download the form below.)

5. Be willing to interact with other members and staff in a respectful manner.

Orientation is on Zoom during Covid**

Please call 971-271-7273 to reserve your spot.


Referrals must be completed by a professional who can verify the person being referred has a mental health diagnosis.
The referral can be returned to NorthStar in-person, by mail, email, or Fax.
The form is provided in two different formats for your convenience.

**Covid may have changed our hours, however we are still accepting new members! We are holding virtual orientations over Zoom.  The process might be slower than normal as we are working out our new way of operating. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to call to check on the status of your orientation!


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