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Meet a few of our members


The teamwork is what makes NorthStar so likeable to all of us. When you are working together you don't know who is staff and who is a member, and that is really powerful.


I come because there are a lot of people that relate to me. When I talk with them, they understand what I've been through. I love to cook and it makes me feel good when people enjoy my food


NorthStar gives me so many opportunities to learn new things, meet friends, and keep busy. NorthStar staff and members make me feel important, and I enjoy coming here every day!


Everybody welcomed me into NorthStar. I got the confidence to work again because of the members and staff there. NorthStar has changed my life, and now I know I really do have a purpose in life.


I like that there is no stigma at Northstar like there can be in the outside world. It is a community where we accept each other for who we are. I am not alone.


"NorthStar gives me real deep friendships and a renewed sense of purpose in my life. I see my progress in the progress of others and continue to grow and be the best version of myself."


At NorthStar I am given the opportunity to work and be social with other people without the fear of discrimination. It's a place where I can utilize my potential and abilities to their fullest.


I have become more socially involved and have established many great relationships. I am able to find things in common with other members and to give back to the community. NorthStar is the best way to go.


When I first came to NorthStar I was nervous because I was believed I wouldn't be able to take each task at hand. As I became acquainted, I found common ground, abilities, and skills. Today I have employment part-time still leaving an open schedule to volunteer at NorthStar.


I come to NorthStar to:

  • refresh my skills and build a healthy outlook on responsibilities

  • to provide myself with skills useful to the world out there

  • to make life a bit easier


When I first started coming I didn’t know what NorthStar was about, and I didn’t know many people. But as I got to meet more people, I found a structured atmosphere with a positive vibe which helps me flourish in the community.


I come to NorthStar for the camaraderie, the conversation, and the connection. It is such a relief being around people with shared experiences of mine!


"I like coming to NorthStar because of how supportive the community is and how much they help people with employment goals."


I like to have company with people who have things in common as well as volunteering to make the community a better place.

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