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May 1, 2020


       At the recommendation of Oregon State and Multnomah County officials, and out of concern for the safety for the clubhouse community, NorthStar Clubhouse closed its doors on March 16th in response to COVID-19. Despite the physical closure of our space, our community has continued on and adapted to the challenges presented by the statewide stay at home order in a number of ways

       We have established ongoing zoom meetings to allow our community to discuss ongoing feelings and self-care strategies during this time, as well as to focus on the work of the day that we prioritize. We currently spend our time reaching out to our members to check on their health; supporting our community garden; offering meditations and working out the edges of our digital presence. Despite not being physically together, we have found that we have so much work to do digitally and have found a collaborative format to keep our work going.

       A private Facebook group was created to keep members connected with one another as well as the happenings in our zoom meetings if they are unable to attend. Members vote on the topics they would like to discuss in polls on the Facebook group, and this drives our work of the day meeting discussions.

       We have begun sending out a Daily Navigator newsletter in addition to a weekly one in order to keep our community in the loop on the happenings within the new virtual clubhouse. Members have reported that the Daily Navigator is useful and helps keep people feeling connected even when they are not able to participate. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter please submit  your name and email in the form at the bottom of this page.

       Adapting to this crisis has proven to be quite a challenge to say the least. We have had a few hiccups and kinks to work out here and there as we realize the diverse and ever-changing needs of our community through these times. By collaborating together, listening to one another, and practicing patience and flexibility, we have been able to keep our community alive in order to adapt to meet the needs of our membership to the best of our abilities.

       The Clubhouse is built by incredible people that make up our greater community in the world. We are presently evaluating how to best welcome new members to our community under the current circumstances in order to provide the most supportive environment we can, and we appreciate your patience with the process. Please call 971-716-3019 to speak with staff if you have questions about how the referral process is handled.

       This community is resilient and will continue to handle obstacles as they come. We are all in this together.

Welcome to NorthStar Clubhouse!

At NorthStar, we extend a welcome to people in the community dealing with mental health issues. We are a community of support, and we offer people the opportunity to work with fellow member and staff to carry out the duties necessary run our nonprofit organization. By engaging with peers and staff in the clubhouse, members (program participants) build relationships and are able to decrease isolation, increase confidence, and hopefully find a renewed sense of purpose.

Membership Requirements


1. Be 18 years of age or older.

2. Reside in the Portland Metro area.

3. Have a mental health diagnosis.

4. Have a referral from a mental health professional. (You can download it below)

5. Be willing to interact with other members and staff in a respectful manner.

Orientation is every Wednesday at 3 pm.

Please call 971-271-7273 to reserve your spot.

Are you interested in becoming a member of NorthStar?

Come join a community that supports mental health recovery,

NorthStar is unique because we create an intentional community to combat the negative symptoms of isolation and alienation. Our community approach to mental health recovery means support is everywhere. It empowers members to actively address their own symptoms and assist others in their recovery.

We are a comfortable, stigma-free environment where you can engage in meaningful activity and peer support. Here, you are able to utilize your strengths and talents to work together with peers and staff to run a nonprofit. In this community, instead of group therapy and other traditional clinical services, members are doing things like operating the reception desk, making healthy lunches, maintaining records on our databases, and performing outreach and advocacy in our community. By working together and establishing positive relationships, people build skills as well as self-confidence and find a sense of purpose.

Referrals must be completed by a professional who can verify the person being referred has a mental health diagnosis.
The referral can be returned to NorthStar in-person, by mail, email, or Fax.
The form is provided in two different formats for your convenience.

What Members Say about NorthStar Clubhouse

"Northstar has impacted my life in the most unique way possible it has opened my eyes to be more social and not give up when I'm feeling down it's a nice place where peers can gather and share ideas and I thank northstar for giving me all these opportunities to become a better me" - Ma'lik

"NorthStar is the place between the hospital and the rest of your life" - Stanley

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NorthStar Clubhouse

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Phone: 971-271-7273

Fax: 971-271-7287


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